Marketing List Databases

Having the right data is key to the success of your campaign.

You may have an amazing product or service, or the best ever pitch, but if you target the wrong people or use the wrong list, you may be disappointed with your results.
We have a range of marketing list data aimed at different project budgets.

Marketing List Online Store

Our Online Store has a range of economical lists which contain basic information about businesses with generic contact information.

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Targeted Business and Consumer Marketing Lists

If you want to reach a specific decision maker, group of businesses or want to target a specific group of consumers, we have access to a range of lists across the lists market industry.

Due to the amount of ongoing and regular effort required to maintain a more targeted marketing list, records are more expensive and the list owners will only let you have restricted use of the information for a specified period of time.

Premium Business Lists

If you wish to target a specific type of business, it is likely there is a marketing list available with the contact data you require.
Generally requests fit in to the four criteria below.
Business Activity or Industry Group
Business Contact or Decision makers
Business Size – employees or revenue
Business Location – State, Area, postcode ranges

We can work with you no matter what criteria you are looking to have fulfilled.

Targeted Consumer List Data

There are numerous protections to consider when using consumer data. You should ensure you understand your responsibilities when requesting and using consumer data.

There are numerous consumer lists you can gain access to, including many fully opted in contact data lists.

Generally requests fit in to the four criteria below.
Residential Location – geographical area, postcode ranges
Demographic Information – gender, age, income, home owner
Lifestyle Information – hobbies, interests
Attitudinal Data – how people think or feel about a range of topics

Let us work with you, as we are not just a list broker, but have a range of marketing tools we can use to compliment any list marketing you may use.

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