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If you are not currently doing marketing to your existing customer databases you could be missing out on potential sales. Called a ‘touch point’, each time you are in contact with a customer or a prospect is an opportunity to make a sale or share a message.

Available Database Services

List Conversion

Data Merge, Purge, and Suppression

Data Enhancements and Appending

Database Address Geocoding

Database De-Duplication

Postal Data Optimisation

Do Not Call Washing


Marketing Lists = Asset Value

Word of Mouth remains one of the most powerful marketing methods that any business can tap in to.

People who regularly purchase from you, or who have purchased from you in the past can be your best asset. Your current database is an asset: discover how you can leverage it to your advantage and produce profit from it.

Keeping in contact with both customers and prospects will keep you near the top of their mind when they want to purchase again, or if they hear of a colleague or friend who may want to purchase. In your communications, rather than sell your services and products, you should sell your expertise. A few tips, hints, or ‘tricks of the trade’ are always helpful in building your credibility.

Increase the Worth of your Database

A problem with data is it can go out of date rather quickly. Business contacts switch roles or jobs, get a new email address, move to a new postal address, earn a promotion: any change makes your data less valuable. It is estimated that in just one year one-third of your data could be out of date if not maintained regularly.

Update email lists with bounce backs that indicate role changes or people who leave companies, wash your consumer prospect files regularly against do not call registers, this will keep your data from being out of date.

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